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Deepen your knowledge and become an teacher of this culture

The extensive DeROSE Method career training course prepares the student to become both a teacher, entrepreneur, and exemplary professional working to make the world a better place.

As in any career, once you have graduated you can specialise in any of the diverse areas within our curriculum, all with the objective of increasing performance and improving the quality of life of our students and members.

The DeROSE Method is unique because it works with a vast array of techniques and concepts. Moreover, another characteristic of our system is to use a formative model and not merely informative — which allows the student to learn and incorporate the material in a personalised and integral way.

Our profession cannot be compared to those that put money over everything else, where the professionals are not proud of the impact their work has on the world. The job market is saturated with careers lacking a bigger purpose. Our profession is full of opportunities, our brand is at the forefront of a global trend focused on quality of life and high performance.

Our profession offers constant stimuli for creativity, freedom of thought and action. As a DeROSE Method Entrepreneur you know you are making a lasting impact on people’s lives and the world around us.