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The DeROSE Method is ultra efficient in managing stress productively

The association of the behavior management concepts and high performance techniques taught by the DeROSE Method favors the artist’s creativity, intuition, concentration and mental agility. The DeROSE Method practice intensifies the flow between the artist and their emotions, creating a bridge through which they can express their feelings with much more clarity and intensity, achieving peak productivity and, consequently, results.

Derose Method and the arts

The DeROSE Method has an important role in the preparation of a student’s emotional and mental state, getting them ready to face the challenges of their daily routine of tests and long periods of study. With the practice of body, mental, emotional and intuitive techniques, the student begins to have much more disposition in daily life, more focus and concentration to study with regularity and more determination to get good results on their tests.

Derose Method in your studies

A professional who practices DeROSE Method develops skills that give them a great differential in their work and activity. They enhance their competence to lead people, developing time management skills and insights. Aside from this, our system it keeps the body functioning much more dynamically and teaches how to optimally manage emotional states and relationships. The DeROSE Method philosophy encourages the student to be a better version of themselves in the workplace, conquering success in their career with more disposition, more focus and more consciousness in addressing the day-to-day decisions.

DeRose Method in your profession

High performance athletes use the DeROSE Method as part of their training. Our methodology integrates into the daily routine and is an indispensable tool to achieve excellent results in competitions. Our techniques strengthen the practitioner’s physical and respiratory conditioning, improving their disposition and making them more apt to manage emotions, especially in tense and stressful situations. Our system cultivates productive attitudes and behavior to address the mental, emotional and intuitional aspects of sport. With this more complete approach the DeROSE Method practitioner achieves higher performance and better results in their sport.

Derose Method in your sport