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Enviado pelo Gustavo Cardoso:

Mestre tem como divulgar isso?
Era legal se fosse agora mesmo dado que o prazo para eles comecarem o abate anual sera dentro em breve.
Se der para divulgar e pedir para o pessoal enviar o modelo de email abaixo, seria muito bom :)

ENVIO de E-MAILS para a Namíbia – FORÇA- TAREFA
Você pode ajudar enviando um também?
Com a aproximação do dia 01 de julho, data marcada para o reinício da chacina das foquinhas bebê a pauladas, na Namíbia, pensei em tentarmos mais uma coisa.

Escrever para o que tenho como referências de e-mails locais e para a imprensa de lá. Provavelmente, muitos e-mails serão devolvidos, como de hábito. Mas teremos tentado tudo que estava ao nosso alcance fazer.

Escrever para: news@nampa.org,

com cópia para:

Títulos possíveis, como sugestão para quem não fala o inglês:
International shame, Please listen to the world, This is a genocide, We will be forced to give you an answer, Consider the best possible solution to this nightmare, What sharing the world is about, Why did you sell your country’s soul to Hatem Yavuz?, We could be friends otherwise,

Mensagem-modelo em inglês:

To the Namibian Press
To John Walters, Namibian ombudsman


Decades have elapsed and we are atill having to deal with what is left from the Canadian seal hunt.
As a result of its insistance in killing and blunting small baby seals for their fur, the world today boycotts Canada strongly, with enourmous economic loss for the country. All Europe and even Russia now forbade

them to gain with such atrocity, with which we are committed to END, no matter what it takes.

Differently from Canada, Namibia is a poor country, having to deal with substancial difficulties.
No matter what, you annually slaughter of baby seals, forces us to take STRONG retaliation against your country.

This message has a few main purpooses:
– to inform you of the HORROR the world feels against this practice, that each time stupifly takes the lives of thousands and thousands of innocents beings, tainting the sand of your beaches with their blood.
The same sand and sea that could, otherwise, be a place for international visitation and tourism, if only you would CARE to listen to the international pleads.

– we will NOT visit and bring tourism income to you country. We cannot accept to set feet on a land on which such terror and innocent blood is shed.

– We will continue to promote a strong international BOYCOTT against your country until this vloodbath definitely stops. We will use every single means at your disposal to create strong barreers around

Namibia, advising people not to help it in way, either by bying anything coming from your country, or by bringing to it tourism income.

– We would certainly prefer not to be obliged to act this way.

BUT WE WILL, as your government forces us to.

As a citizen of the world, that would rather colaborate with a country in need of development, I strongly advise to review this atrocity, so that Namibia can finally join the international community and
receiving substancial help not only from governments, but from people individually speaking as well.

Until then I will use internet and every other means I can think of to tell everyone I know about the holocaust you promote.


We are anonymous. We are millions and millions of human beings, demanding for human and animal rights.

This has come for a very meanful CHANGE.

Thank you,