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London, 30 October 2009

Dear Master,

This letter is to thank all the people who helped me getting the place and building the school. Without them I wouldn’t be writing this letter.

Of course, Master, all of this could not have happened without your baton, without the Heritage you have transmitted me, and which I have the zest to retransmit.

Sonia Ferreira, who is beside me, helping me as a warrior and at the same time shielding me. I owe it to her being capable to continue this project, and without her I would be very unlikely to succeed.

Luciana Gaviao who has made a huge effort to complete her professional course, living in Edimburgh and travelling every month to London. She is now representing our method in Scotland and extending our work in Edimburgh as a partnership.

Suzana Vaz and Paulo Pacifici, the two people that complete our team, and who gave me so much help and support. Thank you for you, guys.

Last but not least, I would specially like to thank a couple who was fundamental for this endeavour, Dr. José Lemos and Dra. Clara Pinho, the facilitators of the whole project. For these extraordinary couple I would like to express my most respectful gratitude.

Simon Pilgrim, Peter Norton and the whole team of Northam Clover: the negotiation team.

Mr. Ivan Favennec, the business advisor from Ad Majorem business consulting.

Mathias Koester from http://mathias-koester.com, the Architect and a brilliant mind who helped me sorting out so many problems and project the Yoga College of London site.

Robert Preece from KENWRIGHT WALKER WYLLIE solicitors.

Michael Reeves, the decorator who helped us with many tricky decisions: http://www.michaelreevesassociates.co.uk. Special thanks for you, Michael and Giorgio!

Ian Woodward-Court, from Plainview Planning Ltd., the company who got us the grant to change the use description of our place.

Márcio Soares Builders and the team from Builder Inc., the guys who actually made the heavy job and built the place, for them our thanks.

For all the planning team of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, specially for Gideon Whittingham, who gave us the guidance to grant the change of use.

The Buttler and Young agency, Mr. Neil Downding who helped us with all the EEU regulations.

For all this people, I would like give my wholehearted thanks, for the help, dedication, trust, care and great professionalism.

My special thanks to Francisco Miranda, who helped me structuring the financial part of the London School Project. Also involved in this project were Diogo Garrido and Pedro Mar.

And Mrs. Otilia Ferreira, with her powerful sewing machine!

Gustavo Cardoso

De Rose Method United Kingdom representative
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