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Mestre querido,

Espero que BCN esteja sendo uma experiencia agradavel e que tudo corra pelo seu melhor ai!

De, precisava que tu me ajudasses a expor essa barbarie que fazem no Sri Lanka.

Precisamos que os colegas enviem um email para este endereco: [email protected]

Com alguma coisa que as pessoas queiram dizer para parar esta agressao a natureza. Se quiserem utilizar, aqui tem um modelo de email.


Ven. Galaboda Gnanissara Thero,
61, Sri Jinarathana Road,
Colombo 2,
Sri Lanka.

Reverend Sir,


please introduce yourself and which country you are from. I write to you today to request your immediate and urgent attention to alleviate the appalling andharmful conditions being experienced by the baby elephant confined on your premises. I respectfullyrequest, Ven. Galaboda Gnanissara Thero, that you immediately tend to this elephant‟s wellbeing withthe same care and compassion as you would a child in need. Please for compassion‟s sake, order that her living area is made clean and kept that way, that she be given enough space and a stockade largeenough to move about freely and that she is unchained.

If chains must be used that it should be onlyone leg, and that it should be loose enough to fall to her ankle and not bite into her skin. She must haveadequate space, freedom of movement, adequate nutrition, copious amounts of water and the constantcompany of a kind human keeper for her needs to be met. I ask also that her cuts and abrasions be medically treated so as to recover from infection.

It is profoundly disturbing to witness that the calf is living in wholly inadequate and deprived conditions.Not even the most basic requirements for husbandry are being met. You have the power to change this.The attached pictures are clear evidence of extreme cruelty and confirm that the baby is in severeemotional distress. She displays stereotypical signs of stress, boredom, and frustration. A video of theelephant that I have seen shows that she is constantly rocking and swaying.

She is repeatedly pullingagainst her chains. She displays what is known as “cow eye” (or the huge wide open eye) and is seenbiting her trunk.

All behaviours documented as „sterotypic‟ behaviour and only seen in elephants who are experiencing mental and emotional neurosis caused by inadequate care.She is living in an inadequately sized enclosure that is unkempt and unhygienic. The baby is chained in atorturous and inhumane manner, causing wounds. The chains are restricting her most basic need to move around freely ― an essential requirement for the well
-being of an elephant.With great respect to Buddhism, which teaches to treat all beings with love and kindness and to yourrich and highly regarded national culture, I wish to inform you that there is an increasing globalawareness regarding the dreadful cruelty meted out to these voiceless and helpless elephants who have become the victims of human supremacy and are being used as commodities in the name of BuddhistTradition.

While in Asian culture elephants symbolize wisdom, sacredness and bravery and play a very importantrole taking part in numerous auspicious activities for thousands of years; the desperate plight of captiveelephants living in deplorable conditions in Sri Lanka has been brought to light by world renownedelephant scientists who have been studying their behavioural needs for decades; declaring that usingthese highly intelligent and emotional animals for human purposes is an act no longer acceptable bycivilized human society.

As an influential leader among the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka, you have the power to change thisdeplorable practice through power of example as evidenced by your proper care of this elephant andthrough influencing animal welfare legislation, monitoring and enforcement. We look forward to yourguidance to ensure that Sri lanka moves forward with the changing ways of thinking of the 21st centuryand provides adequate care for elephants in captivity. It is the right and humane and holy thing to do.I look forward to your response on this matter to

(Your Address)
Yours sincerely,


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Alessandra Fernandes

Olá Mestre!

Que belo vídeo! Esse pequenos tem realmente muito a nos ensinar. Outro dia um amigo compartilhou um vídeo, e quando assisti pensei em você.
Essa reportagem conta a história surpreendente de uma real amizade! Só assistindo mesmo para entender…

(caso esse não funcione, segue abaixo o link direto)

De fato, a nossa espécie tem ainda muuuito o que aprender.

Um beijo,
Alessandra Fernandes

Unidade Plaza Sul / SP