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A New Discipline that Helps You Live a More Fulfilling, and Productive Life

Most people are in pursuit of a more ‘satisfying’ life but many are not sure how they can live a more fulfilling, and productive life. We all want to perform our best when it matters most – in work and life, but in today’s “always on” and stress-filled world, we can feel unfocused, unenergized and drained.

Find out how to reach optimal performance and excel in business and in life

Achieving optimal performance at work and in life involves taking your mental and physical abilities to their highest levels so that you can realize – and reach – your greatest potential.

4 Exercises to Better Handle Anxiety, Fear, and Anger

How a person deals with other human beings is a big factor in whether or not he or she succeeds in business and life. It involves emotional intelligence (EI), or the ability to recognize and appropriately react to feelings in yourself and the people around you, particularly when it comes to handling stress and frustration.

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Succeed in Business

Most people believe that their most significant assets are their professional experiences, certifications, and diplomas but, in reality, it is the ability to manage good human relations. Human relations are what we might call emotional intelligence (EI). A component of emotional intelligence is how we deal with situations of pressure, frustration, and stress when working with others.

Les neurosciences au service des compétences en relations humaines

Depuis plus de dix ans, Renata Coura accompagne les dirigeants en appliquant les principes scientifiques de la DeRose Method et ses techniques de préparation physique, émotionnelle et mentale. Une approche originale qui s’adresse aux managers mais aussi aux professionnels RH.

The 8 Factors Needed For High Performance Living

Since we were born, we have been conditioned by specific patterns of behaviors. We are what we repeatedly think, feel, eat and behave. Even when we see that our behaviors are not rewarding, rarely are we able to change these habits and attitudes.

10 Ways To Supercharge Your Success In 2018

Last year I gave a leadership seminar for the executive team of a high-tech company in Northern California. The next day, the president of the company telephoned: “I have an administrative assistant who is the brightest, most creative person I’ve worked with. The problem is, we are relocating and she can’t move her family out of the Bay Area. I’d like to offer her a coaching session with you so that when she applies for a new job, she will come across just as terrific as she really is.”

Meditation – Ways to Break Through

Meditation exploded onto the scene in 2017 and became more than a niche trend in the United States. Now it’s time to gain more clarity about what meditation is, what makes it valuable and why people from all walks of life would be savvy to incorporate it into their daily routine.
First, let’s get to the basics, it’s all about tuning in and waking up, NOT tuning out and turning off.

This Is Why Meditation Isn’t Working For You

The benefits of meditation have been well documented. It decreases anxiety, helps you focus at work, and rewires your brain to help reduce stress. So according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, why do only 8% of Americans do it?

The Art Of Thriving In Turbulent Times

The coronavirus pandemic has changed lives, altered careers, and left millions of Americans out of work practically overnight. Recent numbers released by the Department of Labor Statistics reveal that more than 26 million American workers filed for unemployment since late March. That is a staggering number, but it is the reality of what American workers are facing right now. 

Life After Covid-19

Covid-19 created a record-level disruption across several industries, forcing employers to respond at a record-level pace — including implementing remote jobs on the spot, while, as much as possible, easing employees’ concerns to reduce worry and stress. Now, in a few weeks, states will reopen and many of us will return to an unrecognizable life. Leaving most of us will be wondering, what will the new normal be?