Professor DeRose


Over 60 years of teaching

DeRose is recipient of the titles Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa from the Florianópolis Faculty of Social Sciences, Santa Catarina Complex for Higher Education.

He has been awarded the title of Notório Saber by the University of Coimbra and the Integrated Faculties of Coração de Jesus (São Paulo, Brazil) and FATEA – Teresa d’Ávila Integrated Faculties (São Paulo, Brazil).

He has been granted the rank of Gentlemen, Official, Knight Commander and Knight of the Grand Cross by various military, governmental, humanitarian, cultural and philanthropic institutions, including:

Red Cross Cross of Merit.

Titled Knight Commander by the Secretariat of Education for the State of São Paulo, MMDC Center, Caetano de Campos. 

Titled Knight Commander and Knight of the Grand Cross by the Order of Pharmaceutical Merit of the Brazilian Army.

Titled Knight Commander and Knight of the Grand Cross by the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Titled Knight of the Grand Cross by the Academy of Terrestrial Military History of Brazil.

Titled Knight of the Grand Cross by the Heroes of Fire of the Fire Department for the State of São Paulo.

Knight Commander DeRose is an associate member of the Alumni Association of the College of War, ADESG, member of the Rotary Club of São Paulo, SASDE, GOSP, MMDC, the Secretariat of the Imperial House of Brazil, CONSEG, the Security Council for São Paulo, the Brazilian Association of the UN International Peacekeeping Forces and other entities.

He currently holds the title of Grand Master of the Portuguese Order of Merit of East India.

Professor DeRose is the author of more than 30 books, published in several countries across the Americas and Europe. He has been decorated by the Brazilian Army, the OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil), the Legislative Assemblies for São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the State Government, the Civil Defense, the Military Police and the Scientific Technical Police.

More information

For more information, consult DeRose’s Autobiography, My Many Lives, Égregora Books.