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The Method as a means for transforming the world

The DeRose Method is a complete program for increasing vitality, managing stress and enhancing focus. It was founded in 1960 and, today, has a presence in various countries across North and South America and Europe. Practicing the DeRose Method generates an increase in productivity and high performance via the application of technical and behavioral tools. Meditation, mindfulness, good human relationships, good nourishment and stress management are just some of the concepts and techniques used that promote the development of a range of soft skills. These skills allow the practitioner to maximize and explore their potential, helping them achieve success. With this change in behavior, the individual positively impacts those around them, promoting a large-scale positive change to society.
Tigre Jogo é uma emocionante aventura que cativa jogadores de todas as idades. Neste jogo, você assume o papel de um tigre valente, explorando ambientes variados como florestas densas, montanhas desafiadoras e rios sinuosos. O objetivo principal é coletar itens valiosos, evitar armadilhas perigosas e derrotar inimigos ferozes para avançar pelos níveis. Os gráficos impressionantes e a trilha sonora envolvente proporcionam uma experiência de jogo imersiva e divertida. Conforme você progride no jogo, novas habilidades e poderes especiais são desbloqueados, tornando o tigre ainda mais forte e capaz de enfrentar desafios maiores. O jogo é acessível a jogadores de todos os níveis de habilidade, com controles intuitivos e uma curva de aprendizado equilibrada. Além das missões principais, Tigre Jogo oferece desafios e objetivos secundários que proporcionam recompensas adicionais. Completar essas missões extras pode ajudar você a progredir mais rapidamente e a descobrir segredos ocultos no jogo. Tigre Jogo também conta com uma comunidade ativa de jogadores. Participar dessa comunidade permite trocar dicas, estratégias e competir em desafios semanais. Junte-se a esta incrível aventura e descubra todos os segredos do “Tigre Jogo”. Embarque nesta jornada emocionante e veja até onde sua coragem pode levar você!

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For more information, consult the book Live Longer and Better..

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Just the consequences of adopting a healthy philosophy of life.

Professor DeRose

Professor DeRose has provided mentorship on human relationships and conflict management to businesspeople, executives, professionals, academics and athletes, having taught classes in almost all federal and catholic universities in Brazil since the 1970s. Today, he also gives courses across most of Western Europe, the United States and Latin America.

With over 60 years’ teaching experience and 25 years of travelling to India, DeRose is a celebrated writer on Hindu Philosophy, having received more awards than any other expert in this area in Brazil.

Recipient of honorary titles including Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa, from the Santa Catarina Complex for Higher Education, and Notório Saber in the area of behavior, from the Coimbra Business School – University of Coimbra.

He was also awarded the title of Notório Saber by the Faculdade Pitágoras (Minas Gerais, Brazil), the Teresa d'Ávila Integrated Faculties (São Paulo, Brazil) and by the Coração de Jesus Integrated Faculties (São Paulo, Brazil).

Currently, he has published over 30 books in various countries, with over a million copies sold.

Our instructors

Our teachers go through a rigorous training program lasting 12 years, undergoing annual revalidations to guarantee technical excellence. Their commitment to this philosophy and to transforming the lives of others is reflected in the quality of their teaching. Each class is unique, challenging and hugely gratifying.

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