DeROSE ArtCompany

The DeROSE ArtCompany is an International performing arts company.

We combine technology, music and performances that demand strength, flexibility and precision.

We create productions based on the study of choreographic language which pushes the boundaries of technical intricacy and physical dexterity. We construct unique movements that explore sensorial expression and challenge the laws of gravity. The fundament of our work is one of the most ancient methods of training; millennia-old techniques we combine with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in our surprisingly distinctive style.

DeRose Accelerator

A course in entrepreneurship and self-knowledge.
We believe that Self-Knowledge and Entrepreneurship go really well together.

We believe that starting a business involves discovering a great deal about yourself. And by discovering more about yourself, you’ll discover things that will only become real if you make them real.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to make new ideas into reality. Being an ability, it’s not something we can learn just through theory.

DeRose Accelerator was designed to allow you to negotiate the entire process, from idea to execution, in a period of 3 months, while learning more about your project and about yourself.

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I Remember

O projeto “Eu me Lembro…”, idealizado e realizado pela atriz Thais Barbeiro, teve sua estreia em janeiro de 2021 no Teatro Novo, em São Paulo. O espetáculo teatral foi inspirado no livro homônimo do escritor DeRose. A obra conta a vida de uma família atemporal que se organiza a partir de hábitos e valores conflitantes com a contemporaneidade, acentuando seu aspecto humano e fazendo-nos refletir sobre nossos próprios dogmas e paradigmas. O espetáculo pretende estimular o pensamento reflexivo sobre nossos hábitos e padrões de comportamento, suscitando outras possibilidades de relações humanas, exaltando assim a vida em sua plenitude e respeito.

A family belonging to a matriarchal society, with values founded on nature and teachings about a life grounded in behavior that portrays the exaltation of life in all its dignity.

Jealousy, possession and attachment, for example, are portrayed as traits to be overcome, to make way for shared experiences via a perspective of inclusion.

The script follows the journey of a young boy in his pursuit of knowledge – not, however, logical knowledge, rather the collection of experiences and wisdom for life.