Classes and Courses


Cultural activities, workshops and courses about our concepts:

Improve your well-being and achieve sustainable performance.
Learn to live your life in the present moment, improve your stress tolerance and develop calmness amid chaos.

Develop adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty. Enhance your conflict management and behavioral reprogramming skills.

Discover and adopt a way of nourishing yourself that is flavorful, nutritious and planet friendly.
Our approach to good nutrition is not just about taking care with what we put in our bodies, but also prioritizing and appreciating mealtimes with friends and family

One of the most important skills for success is the cultivation of good human relationships. For us, this is one of the most important concepts, and one we transmit via example, by spending time together.

Discover your values, superpowers and purpose so you can live life to its fullest, transform the world and inspire those around you.

Increase your focus and clarity, allowing you to achieve a high level of productivity and manage stress sustainably.

Reformulate mental models, increase cognitive flexibility and construct an innovative approach to work and life.

Foster cohesion, engagement and talent-retention. Team members will identify their own values and superpowers, and they’ll have the opportunity to establish intentional goals that are in synergy with the purpose and values of your company.

Practical Classes


Explore and optimize your breathing via exercises that will enhance your well-being, focus and quality of life.

Meditation and Breathwork

Build a strong foundation using techniques that develop breathing, self-awareness, relaxation and focus, improving your meditation experience and helping you manage stress, sharpen your focus and silence your mind.

Body Intelligence

How we train
Using techniques derived from ancient traditions, we increase your strength, general well-being and flexibility.

Our results
Explore your performance and push it to the next level, training your body to become more flexible and your breathing more conscious.

Meditation, Breathwork and Movement

Level 1
The first step to reducing stress, controlling anxiety and improving your focus. This class is a fusion of techniques: breathwork, body techniques (developing strength and flexibility), relaxation techniques and meditation.

Level 2
This class contains an exclusive and even more complete combination of techniques. Level 2 classes take you to the next level: allowing you to increase your energy levels, master your emotions and silence your mind.