Style and Influences

shallow focus photography of crowd taking video

Every artist, whether they be a painter, musician, architect, actor, writer or poet, aspires to develop their own authentic, unique way of expressing their talent.

Until they achieve this, they attentively observe the work of other artists they admire, collecting something from each of these influences to apply in their own art.

These influences contribute to the construction of the artist’s personal style, until, in a given moment, the cumulative experience of past influences blossoms into a way of working that is completely unique, identifiable by any spectator as belonging to that artist.

The construction of a style of living also passes through each of these stages, being the sum of what we learn via experiences within our families, our professions, in romantic relationships, friendships, travel, etc., and is strongly influenced by the quality of the people and events that we choose to form part of our environment, on our existential journey.

At a determined step along the way, everything falls into place; experiences are metabolised and sediment to form a lifestyle that is exclusive, personal and unique; more or less interesting, depending on the moments and the people who share our trajectory. muito exclusivo, particular e singular, que será mais ou menos interessante, dependendo dos momentos e pessoas que compartilharam a nossa trajetória.

But it will always be exclusively ours.